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prodcedural workflow
Procedural Operation

A freelance camera operator with a tech-heavy background. Taking the basic principles of procedural design and adapting different cameras & lighting - creating a unique composition workflow. I specialize in camera operation, audio, rigging and lighting. including but not limited to: motion control, UAV, handheld and gimbals, car mounts and motion tracking.

Return on Investment

A multi-disciplinary designer with a all-inclusive approach: By taking a sample project and workflow that is responding to a specific clients' brief, we can quickly cover the intial pipeline, begin concepting, storyboard composition and design thinking much more efficiently - allowing for more focus on revisions and final production.

3D Design

A hybrid developer with an eye for design, specializing in hyper-realism and rendering - working with shaders, texturing, arnold renderer, motion design, particle systems, fracturing, fluid and hair dynamics - along with utilizing languages ranging from python to adobe expressions, scripting and dynamic controls - makes for time-saving scene adjustments on the fly.

anything is possible

In summary, a walk through of my approach to designing and developing procedural systems for conceptually driven commerical work: by taking a sample project that is responding to a specific clients' brief, we can cover how to begin concepting and applying design thinking to a brief, develop a procedural design language, and then dive into process and best practices for creating scaleable systems that are production ready. we will span an entire workflow from development and R&D, to compositing and then finishing the shot.